Food waste Management Platform

Eliminate Food Waste with
Positive Carbon

Increase site profits & make your operation sustainable by bringing visibility to your food waste.

Register your food waste

From your big kitchens -  through the installation of our simple sensors - we can track all the food waste your kitchen generates automatically.

To your small kitchens where we provide your staff with the tools to allow them to effortlessly log their food waste at the end of the day.

We enable you to see where and when your food waste is happening

Match up your Food Waste

Registering your food waste is only part of the puzzle. We provide you with three levels of food matching depending on your needs.

Simple - Group your food waste into 1 of 34 Categories such as Fish, Beef, Cheeses, Poultry & Others.

Advanced -
Group your food waste into over 200+ different items each with their own distinct environmental impact.

Product Match -
Match what goes into your food bin directly with your purchase codes allowing direct integration into your systems.

Leverage your Food Waste

Reduce your food waste using the Positive Carbon Food Waste Platform and begin Increasing site profits & make your operation sustainable with our tools

Insights - See when and what you are wasting and how to stop it.

Environmental Reporting -
Determine the environmental impact of your kitchen

Leader boards -
Compare your sites to encourage competition around the reduction of food waste

KPIs -
Benchmark your locations and set targets to ensure you hit your goals in your kitchen

Customers are thrilled with the results we achieved.

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