Understand & Control your Food Waste.

Increase site profits & make your operation sustainable by bringing visibility to your food waste.

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Let your chefs focus on what they do best with Positive Carbon's automated food waste tracking

Total Food Waste Tracking solutions

We help customers reduce their food waste across all their sites with our total food waste monitoring solution designed to register food waste across all your location and sites from low-volume cafes to high-volume workplace campuses.

Intelligent Product Match

100% Site Coverage



Full Site Coverage

Track waste across all your locations
with one single multi-site solution

Environmental Reporting

One-click environmental reporting to enable your company to track and report on your waste

Intelligent Product Match

Match what goes in your bin with your purchases to enable better purchase decisions

World Class Expertise

Learn from the world's leading experts on how to tackle your company's food waste
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Promote your action on sustainability to staff by reducing your food waste

Reducing Food Waste is triple win for Margins, Staff & ESG

A food services company operating in workplace restaurants across 23 sites in a western European country quantified its food loss and waste, finding hotspots due to overproduction, out-of-date food, and uneaten meals by customers.

Reduction efforts included using more semi prepared food, improving meal forecasting, training staff, and engaging consumers. Across these sites, the benefit-cost ratio of the actions implemented was nearly 25:1.

This was only made possible by integrating the tools necessary to track their waste

Switch to Positive Carbon and see results.

Categorisations for your food waste directly matched
Return on Investment for
Food Waste Tracking
The amount of food waste produced that is fully preventable
Capture and Categorise all your food waste with Positive Carbon
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Increasing Kitchen Profits by 2% for the Grand Hotel Malahide

Reducing Food Waste, Increasing Kitchen Profits whilst hitting sustainability goals

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